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From Sewing to Coding: A Fashion Designer's Journey into the Digital World

Welcome to my personal blog! Here, I will be sharing my thoughts, experiences, and insights on a variety of topics that are important to me. As a digital fashion designer and lifelong learner, I am constantly seeking new ways to challenge myself and grow both personally and professionally. I believe that every experience, good or bad, has the potential to teach us something valuable, and I am excited to share my own journey with you.

Video created with the prompt - Futuristic fashion catwalk inspired by Theirry Mugler - via the below link

I've been thinking about storytelling and considering what my story is, I asked ChatGPT what story it would like to tell the World and it said the below.

"Every person has a unique story to tell, and by sharing our experiences and perspectives, we can foster greater empathy, understanding, and appreciation for one another. Whether it's a personal triumph, a cultural tradition, or a social issue, every story has the potential to make a difference in the world. So my message would be to keep telling your story, and to listen with an open mind and heart to the stories of others."

And with that in mind I'd like to give you a quick glimpse into my story so far; of how I overcame my fears and jumped into the digital age of fashion, I hope it will inspire you to take your own steps and I look forward to hearing your stories.

Making a career change can be a daunting prospect, especially when it involves transitioning from a traditional industry into a rapidly evolving field like digital fashion. However, that's exactly what I decided to do, and it's been an exciting and rewarding journey so far. As someone who has worked in traditional fashion for several years, I was initially hesitant about learning new technologies and techniques associated with digital fashion. I was worried about being too old to learn new things and felt a sense of insecurity about my ability to adapt to a new way of working. However, the more I learned about the potential of digital fashion, the more I felt inspired and motivated to make the switch. To prepare myself for this transition, I decided to pursue a Master's degree in Digital Fashion at Leeds Arts University. Although it was a challenging and intense experience, I found that it was also incredibly rewarding. Not only did I gain valuable skills and knowledge about digital fashion, but I also connected with a community of like-minded individuals who shared my passion for innovation and creativity. Of course, there were still moments of doubt and fear along the way, but I reminded myself that every new challenge was an opportunity to grow and learn. Through persistence and dedication, I overcame my fears and became confident in my ability to adapt to new technologies and ways of thinking.

Looking back, I am grateful for the opportunity to make this career change and for all the experiences that have come with it. While the transition was not without its challenges, I am proud of how far I've come and excited to see where this journey takes me next.

I'll leave you with this video that I've just generated using the latest text-to-video technology.

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