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The Rhythms collection was created for my final Master's Degree, with inspiration taken from airflows, linear flowing, and artificial and

natural structures; colours, prints, and textures were inspired and developed with reference to nature and digital art. The whole process

from ideation to the final outcomes utilised many digital tools, aiming to incorporate elements of my development within the collection,

ensuring laser cutting and 3D printing direct-to-garment techniques were included. To showcase the collection I animated each of the

garments, creating a range of avatars, poses, and animations; along with consideration of lighting and a variety of camera angles, further

generating a selection of unique backdrops with the help of artificial intelligence.  The collection was included in the animation and pure

digital showcase of Digital Fashion Week New York in September 2022 with the animation further receiving recognition and being

selected by SODA (School to Digital Art - Manchester) and shown as part of their 'See Yourself in SODA' digital competition.


Look Book Rhythms Collection
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