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Exploring Projection Mapping & Digital Creation

Our process involved careful analysis of the garment's design, taking into account its shape, texture, and color. We then used specialized projection mapping software to create a model of the garment.

Projection Mapping Test

Animated Abstraction is a collaboration with digital media and projection mapper Wayne Sables. For this project we explored the exciting world of projection mapping creating digital visuals to be projected onto existing garments. Our aim was to explore how moving patterns could be projected onto clothing in a way that enhances the design and creates a new layer of visual interest.

Estelle Animated Patterns 19_04_2023 14_45_26.png

Through experimentation and iteration, we discovered ways of using projection mapping techniques to transform the look and feel of clothing, creating mesmerizing displays of motion and color. Our work together led to a later adaption of concept within the digital realm and through explored creation of patterns within the Adobe software After Effects we combined techniques that allowed for overlays onto existing shapes that resulted in a short animation.

Animated Abstraction

The resulting project was a stunning blend of technology and fashion, showcasing the possibilities of projection mapping and digital art as an art form that considered how the physical and digital worlds can seamlessly blend.

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